CO2 inflator suggestions

I lost my saddle bag last year after a race. Had a nice little kit with the CO2 inflator, etc in it. With races coming up, I need to rebuild the kit. I don’t recall what inflator I had purchased last time. I know it was just the head unit that worked with threaded cartridges. While I have tons of 12g threadless ones, I don’t mind getting threaded ones again. My main requirement is I be able to control the gas release.

What CO2 inflator do you like and why?


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I want a 12g threadless co2 inflator also.

I use the Silca EOLO inflator nozzle. it’s super small, screws right onto the cartridge, and is dead easy to use. Allows for a very compact flat kit for jersey pocket or small saddle bag.

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I carry this one. Threaded, small, cheap. You can control the gas release, just make sure it’s closed when you screw the cartridge in.

I believe this will work for you, I own one and it has worked great the few times I’ve used it. Works with threaded and unthreaded CO2

I have the [Muc-Off](Muc Off Road Inflator Kit one. I bought it at my LBS. so far it’s been good choice. Compact, lightweight, and the package comes with 2 threaded cartridges.

I have a similar one, different brand (red plastic knob). Simple, light, works. Thread on, thread the cartridge, meter with the knob, done.

Does it take 12g?

I like this one.


Easy to control pressure, doesn’t leak.

I can get multiple inflations to medium pressure (60-70 psi) with a single cartridge.

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+1 for Silca. Works great like most Silca stuff.

Lezyne’s are also solid.

I looked at the Lezyne site – they have one with the plug thing (how’s that for technical talk?) built in. Two birds in one stone.

I would really like the Silca one. Worry about the button and leaving a cartridge inserted after use (sometimes I have to use more than 1, but that was 12g threadless).

Time to think on this more. I have burped tires and just needed air … and I have had punctures. Sigh. If the Lezyne could do both the bacon AND a valvestem, that would be awesome.

Oh, if money and space in the saddle bag were not limitations…

I have the old Crank Brothers one which i love, but their new one is even smaller

I really want one built here in the USA. I try so hard at work and home to buy “locally” made … non-china manufacturing if possible (not CV related … just trying to support home-country industries).

Only own 16g cartridges. Haven’t tried 12g

The 12g are so cheap is the reason I like them, but finding an inflator to use them seems pretty hard.