Clincher and tube setup for campy ultra 50 rim

I just purchased a set of campy clincher carbon ultra 50’s.
Any recommendation for tube tire setup and pressure for these rims?

Rim or disc brake? Bora Ultra or Bullet Ultra?

Butyl vs. Latex Tubes:

  • If it’s rim brake Bora (full carbon clincher brake track) a butyl tube is recommended. The heat of braking can cause latex tubes to fail a bit easier with carbon brake tracks. With that said, I run latex tubes in my carbon clinchers but, only if I’m not going to do any major descending.

  • If you are using the Bullet (aluminum brake track) you can use either butyl or latex.

  • If you purchased disc brakes you can use either with out worry.

  • If you are new to all this just buy butyl. They are more durable and a little less finicky to install and hold pressure better.

Tube size: 700x20-25 or 28 should be perfect

Valve Length: Probably 20mm longer than the depth of the wheel minimum. I don’t think they make 70mm so an 80mm length to be safe or use valve extenders but, that’s another topic.

Tire size: The Bora rim measures 24.2mm outside to outside. I couldn’t find internal width. But either a 25 or 28 should work great. The wider the internal just means a rounder tire which translates to better cornering/handling and depending on pressure less rolling resistance. The external width along with the general shape of the rim and the tire interface are where aerodynamics come into play. Generally, it doesn’t make sense to have a huge bulbous tire on a relatively narrow rim. Splitting hairs but, it’s a consideration for some.

Tire pressure: depends on size and weight of the rider as well as rider preference. Here’s a rough guide linked below.

And general info + rolling resistance here:

Tire inflation chart from Bicycle Quarterly embedded in here:

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Thank you so much!
Very useful information!
They are the bora ultra rim brake.

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Bora Ultra rim brake…

If your tyre of choice is continental gp4000s2’s, go with 23mm. They size up to 25mm and are perfect for the 17c Boras (which as has been said are 24.2 wide).

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I think I would choose the newer 5000, as it is already available and the price difference is quite small. The actual sizing has changed a bit, so perhaps the 25x622 would be better.

And definitely latex tubes. I like Vittoria ones.

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Thanks Robert!

Thank you Kervelo!

Not sure where you are that price is similar, but here in Oz (factoring in LBS and online) the GP4000s2’s are available at half the price of the new 5000’s.

Any wattage gain of the new model is minimal (4w at 45k/h, 2w at 35k/h) and as they are so new the jury is out as to reliability, longevity, etc.

I’d be stocking up on a few spare sets of the 4000s2’s. Actually, I have.

The current price for the gp4000sII in European web stores is around the 35€ mark. Mostly a bit above that, but there are stores that are selling the tyre even as cheap as 31€. The cheapest offers for the gp5000 before the Christmas were less than 40€; I bought a pair of 25mm tyres for 39€ each.