Cleaning a Bike Indoors Tips

I’d go back to Squirt! …or something better

That’s genius! :sunglasses:

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Cheers for the ranking list. Do you have any experience with other drips? May main drive is how clean/easy to clean they are, but if it comes with extra benefits even better.

Wax is not an option at the moment.

I’d go with either Tru Tension Tungsten or Effetto FlowerPower personally, depending on what you want out of a lube. FlowerPower is probably better but dirtier, TTT is very clean but has initial penetration issues - not a massive deal unless you regularly strip your chain of all lube off the bike. Both are cheap compared to Silca/UFO, which are great but don’t seem to cope as well with wet riding.

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Do you have the source for this? I just want to look at the units and what the numbers mean. Would you say that wolf tooth is bad or just not the absolute best. Been using for a while.

Yep, the best source for everything chain lube!

The numbers are % of chain wear, 100% being worn out.

As per numbers above, wolf tooth performs the worst of any lube tested apart from the muc off, who seem to offer various options for cutting fluid to abrade your chain away quickly and effectively :wink:

If you’re happy with it crack on, but any of the lubes I have will be between 4 and 50 times less chain wear in any given situation…

ONR is fantastic. Cleans and adds a layer of protection. I also use it on my car.

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FYI there are many industrial wipes that are exactly what Silca sells, but are significantly less expensive. Here’s one that I’ve been using that is identical to Silca’s (which I assume they simply rebrand some other wipe).

Malco Duplex Wipes

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That is a good tip. Thank you. I ride a Specialized so you know silca kind of fitting. Ha.

Thank you!

Does ONR cause issues on brake rotors?

I used to use ONR, now using EcH2O in a spray bottle for bike cleaning (all but when the bike is super muddy etc).

No clue on chemical compatability with brake rotors, neither are oily type products so I’m not concerned…

One of the last steps of a bike wash for me anyway is blowing out the rotors with compressed air (to dry and prevent possible rust on the rotors/from metallic compound pads), and a wipe down of each rotor with some alcohol wipes. Never had an issue with contam from washing.

ONR is good and this stuff is good too

That ONR is really great stuff!

Just make sure you don’t have a non-cycling partner living with you. It’ll never work if you do!

This is gonna go against what everyone has ever told you, but a coin operated car wash has been helpful in the past. Spray it down low pressure, soap it up and spray it off. Sealed bearings are a lot more durable than anyone give them credit for. Obviously don’t blast the bearings, but it’s gonna be fine. Equally abusive to the bearings riding with grit in them

On my cross bike, I’ll even hit it full tilt with the pressure washer, but that said, I know I’m doing new bearings at least once a season, so I don’t really care about the premature wear