Changing from small to big ring for ramp test (ERG mode)

I done my 1st ramp test 4 weeks ago in small chairing but have since moved to big ring but just curious to this having an effect on my ramp test.

Not really. I shift gears through the entire test to keep the power as close as possible to target!

I am guessing you are on a dumb trainer?

The question above relates to ERG mode with respect to flywheel inertia on smart controlled trainers.

Nope. Flux S in erg mode. Shifting still makes it smoother.

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What you think Chad?

I am guessing the shifting is used to overcome the potential issue via the trainer wattage floor and ceiling.

But it may also be used to overcome possible deficiencies in the trainer performance of ERG not matching the power target well enough. I am no major fan of the Tacx Flux trainers. They had notable issues early, and seen to have some real limits for standard case use.

Shifting in ERG should not be needed in general, IMHO, if the system performs as ERG should. Maybe there are sacrifices in the design that lead to the inconsistent use where shifting serves as a solution?

On my Flux it drops out of erg mode randomly in the middle of intervals! Have to reach over and double tap “m” which is very frustrating. Funnily enough ramp test was where it and erg mode worked as it should! Small ring up front and second or third down from top at the back seem to give the best results as it struggles to keep up once the inertia gets too high.