Changing bikes mid plan?

I’m a few weeks into a training plan and have been using my road bike on a kickr Core. If I wanted to put my gravel bike that has different gearing, would it make any difference in power performance or calculations if I’m in ERG mode? Here’s what I have:

Road bike: 700c 53/36 front, 11-32 rear.
Gravel: 650b 46/30 front, 11-40 rear.

I did it in the middle of high volume sweet spot, and honestly it wasn’t gearing that was a problem but the slight change in geometry and fit that manifest it self in higher rpe for few weeks.

  1. Determine what gearing you usually used on the current bike. Figure out the ratio from that.

    • Ex: 34t x 17t = 2.00 Ratio
  2. Look at the gears you have on your new bike and find a gear combo that gets you close to that ratio above.

That’s good advice, thanks. I didn’t intellectually know that before but was looking at gear ratio calculators trying to see if there was a commonality there.

Re: fit, I did a bike fit a couple of months ago and did both bikes at the same time to try and get me in the same basic position.