Chain Waxing Tutorial

No idea…never used a YBN chain. Sorry.

most of the time if there is text on one side, that should be outward facing. If text is on both sides that it shouldn’t matter

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It really won’t matter. But make sure the “YBN” logo reads correctly from the drive side along the top of the chain.

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Thanks guys,
For silca users, how long do you submerge the chain at 75°C pls?

Until you stop getting bubbles coming up when you agitate the chain in the wax. I then turn the heat off and pull the chain just before it cools enough that the wax almost starts to re-harden. Check the Silca videos for details.


in fact the YBN logo is on all the links

Yes, it is. I have one. But as you read the chain from the drive side, “YBN” should be right side up along the top of the chain, and upside down along the bottom. Not that it really makes a difference.