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sorry, here’s a nooby question. Is this chain KMC X10.93 10S on Ebay compatible with my Specialized Allez road bike with 10 speed - cassettes and 20 speeds overall? My previous chain looks like KMS X10 with 116 or 115 links as I already counted a few days ago :slight_smile:

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Tarlan Isaev

You didn’t say which derailleurs/cassette/shifters your bike uses. Assuming Shimano, yes.


Sorry for the delay with pics. It looks like Shimano Tiagra.

Then yes. That chain fits Shimano and SRAM 10-speed setups.


That’s awesome then. Thanks for the immediate help, mate :slight_smile:

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Not to sound down on your setup, but that big ring looks very “shark toothy” so be prepared to replace along with your cassette if the new chain jumps or shifting is sketchy,…if you let the chain go too long it eats them up
Maybe look into a Park of Pedros chain wear gauge to keep it from wearing too far.


Good point. The outer chainring looks a lot worse (usually it’s the opposite, smaller chainrings carry a higher chain tension on fewer teeth at a given power/cadence combo). And there’s a strong chance the cassette will have similar but less visible damage, unless it is known that it was changed quite recently.

I would probably not mount a new chain on that chainring.

A straight ruler will do the job as well.


@Sailsmaker89 @rocourteau thanks a lot for letting me know guys.

My deep apologies. Yeah, it looks so so bad, because I haven’t yet adjusted shifting cables - for ages. That’s why I couldn’t be able to drop down the chain to the inner smaller chainring and the outer chainring can’t be observed without tears after all. I’ll buy a few tools to be able to adjust it properly, will change back-wheel bearings as they already give a strange sound and the front brake, probably the spring inside doesn’t return back the mechanism :disappointed_relieved:

The poor bike I didn’t give it a proper love :disappointed_relieved:

Chain Checker

I don’t hold out much hope for the outer chainring unfortunately. Harder to tell with the cassette but that is likely shot too.

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I do have another one on a new crankset. Could I only change the outer chainring?

Change the front chainrings, chain, and cassette together. There is visible wear in your cassette, as well as the front chainring. Either put the old chain back on, or change them all. You won’t be happy otherwise. It will develop skips and poor shifting (because of the difference in length of a new vs old chain, and the spacing of new and worn rings not meshing perfectly).


Totally makes sense Stephno. It has to be done :slight_smile:

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