Chain length for 40/10-50

Does my chain appear too long to you. I just swapped the groupset and think i left my chain too long. It seems to shifting fine (on a stand).

Here are pics of the RD in thr 10t and 50t. Its 118 links

Definitely doesn’t look too long to me in to 40x50. If there’s no slack in the 40x10, it’s fine unless you left too much B gap. Did you leave the two full inner and outer links of overlap SRAM recommends when sizing?

Tbh, i did this like a week ago and don’t even remember how many links i had over lapping.

I’m fired.

If there isn’t rear suspension on that bike (gravel bike?), it looks like it could be a little long. For a non-suspension bike, you can test by routing the chain around the chainring and 50t cog (without passing through the RD). It should have a couple chain links “extra”. Really, a little longer works OK as long as it’s not too loose when running in the 10t cog (if it’s too loose, you can start dropping chains).

Also, consider the possibility of swapping chainrings. If you ever think you might want to swap to a 42, leaving a little extra length can allow that. A chain length can typically accommodate a 2 tooth variance with chainrings (38/40 or 40/42).

Ive thought about going to 42t so thats definitely something to consider for sure.

I punched my numbers into a chain length calculator (chainstay length, 50t cog, 40t chainring) and it says 114 links. Im not sure how accurate those calculators are, but its saying im 4 links too long :sweat_smile:

Just go watch the video. Super simple.