Chain Articulation Loss Calculation?

I’m trying to optimize my SS MTB drivetrain (I’m an avid waxed chain user already) and in doing so, I’m trying to quantify the losses that chain articulation creates in the system. I have searched high and low, but have not been able to put my finger on the calculation(s) to come up with a loss figure. I realize that this is VERY marginal gains, but over the course of a very long race perhaps it could make a quantifiable difference!

The variables that I’m working with are below:

  • Chainline is straight on a SRAM 10s Chain (SILCA hot waxed)
  • Rider & Bike Weight: 195lbs
  • Gear Ratio #1 - 30t x 19t
  • Gear Ratio #2 - 34t x 22t
  • Assume a speed of 9.5mph over 100 miles
  • Could assume 200w input

If anyone could lend a hand I would appreciate it!

Chain drives are very very efficient. 98-99% assuming clean parts and a straight chain line. Articulation around a cog doesn’t affect this number to any meaningful degree.