Chafing due to shorts over my bibs

I always wear bibs on both the trainer and outside rides and rarely have chafing. But I’m doing a bike camping trip this fall and wanted to wear shorts over them for our frequent stops at breweries/restaurants etc. So today I did a 2 hr ride with my normal bibs with some cycling shorts over them to test the new shorts. By the end of the ride I had some pretty good chafing going on. I took the shorts off the last few miles and noticed how much cooler I was.

I plan to do another test ride next week but I’m thinking that the shorts were creating a hot/moist environment which was causing the chafing. Does this sounds right?

Ride in just the bibshorts, throw the other shorts on at the stops if you are worried about the bibshorts-only look?


Try some different shorts.
I often wear shorts on my MTB rides and find most of the offerings are pretty uncomfortable.

The Troy Lee Designs Ace shorts are pretty comfortable IME.

If you can get them where you are Endura Humvee’s are mtb baggy shorts with a lycra insert. That might be the sort of thing you’re looking for.

Yeah there’s a lot of lighter options too, not sure what you’re using already but I’m having really good luck with my Gore baggies this year. They’re pretty short but do offer a little more protection (I’m off road mainly) and they’re super light and very breathable. On pure XC or road rides I still just wear bibs but I’ve found that over the years I do like a minimal baggy in place for trail riding and for situations like the one you’re in.

I do remember having to get used to baggies in general again once I started wearing them after a long break from them. So there’s that too, also consider using a little anti-chafe cream in the trouble spot or like someone else suggested just pack the shorts with you and throw them on before pit stops.

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I second this. You could roll up a pair of athletic shorts tightly and stick in your back pocket if you don’t have some bag on your bike

I buy Prana stretch zion shorts when I can get them on sale. No need for a belt; they stay up even worn over slick bike bibs because they have a built-in strap that lets you adjust the waist tightness. Stretchy fabric and a nice zippered pocket on the leg.