Causes for fast battery drain garmin speed sensor?

My battery is draining quicker than previous years from my garmin speed sensor.

Could my new treadmill be ‘speaking’ to the garmin sensor and using battery as it ‘searches’?

Or is new trainerroad website a cause?

  • There is no way a website would have anything to do with it.
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Short answer no. The speed sensor (I’m guessing the wheel based accelerometer?) Goes asleep until you move the wheel. Have you installed a quality CR2032?

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Exactly. Even if something (an app, device or whatever) establishes a connection to a sensor, the sensor will go to sleep if there is no input to it (motion for a cadence or speed sensor, for example).


Maybe TR is making you go faster, which is draining the battery more quickly. :wink:


thanks, that is helpful.