Cat 5 TT set up

I raced CX for the first time last weekend and raced my first crit over the weekend. Turns out bike racing isn’t just a winter sport :grin: Looking at the calendar to see what other road races I can do and there are some regional time trials that look interesting.

Any ideas about a decent set up for my ‘all around racing’ bike for a cat 5 TT? Do clip on aero bars really work with classic road racing position/geometry?

Mostly wanting to race a little bit of everything and figure out what I like but also want to be prepared enough to actually enjoy the race

FWIW, I was planning on racing a classic as a Cat 5 in September on a road bike without anything. Based on the times I was seeing for the 3mile TT, I was fairly confident I could win the TT leg without spending money on clip-ons just laying out on the hoods. (I have a TT bike, but do not have it with me.)

Plenty of people race triathlons on road bikes with clip-ons. @mcneese.chad has a recommendation for a kit to make your roadie into a psuedoTT setup that seems relatively inexpensive.

Time-trialing is a miserable existence. :rofl: Definitely try it out as cheaply as possible.

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Generally clip on aero bars on a road bike require some modifications to your fit, generally higher and more forward seat which you can often achieve by flipping the seatpost around.

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If you have a regular 27.2mm seatpost, the Redshift Sports Aero Switch System is a great option.

The bars are quick release to add and remove, while preserving the desired setup.

The seatpost swaps forward and up in a second to a more TT position. Such a good setup if you want to make the most from a road bike.

That’s a pretty cool and simple setup. I also think that Redshift Sports and Red White Apparel should have a chat about names and branding…:thinking:

Profile Design do a seatpost with a permanent set forward called a “Fast Forward”. If you need to use a different saddle for the TT position, then that is an alternative solution.

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Looks like Redshift started mid 2013 vs RedWhite in 2014, so I am calling them late to the party. :stuck_out_tongue: