Carbon rim worn?

I’ve have some profile design carbon rims, they’ve not been ridden a massive amount outside and I’ve only used profile brake pads.
I’m getting a burning smell when braking and there is discolouration on the braking track. I can’t feel any groove so I’m wondering if anyone else has seen this.

At what angle are the break pads touching the rim? :face_with_monocle:

I’d probably stop riding them and take them to a bike shop.

Do you mean are the pads toe’d correctly? Yes the trailing edge touches first.
I’ve taken them to the bike shop and even they’re unsure whether it’s on the surface of the track or worn through. We’re contacted the manufacturer.

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From your description it seems like pad residue on the brake track. If your pads are contacting on the trail g edge first then your pads are toed backward. The forward or leading edge of the pad should always make contact first. You should expect many thousands of miles on a set of carbon wheels before wear to the brake track becomes a concern. Also, using the pads that were supplied with the wheels is not required unless expressly stated by the manufacturer. Many aftermarket pads work well. Keep in mind that Profile does not produce the rims or pads and are almost certainly made in a factory in China, then branded.


Sorry I meant leading edge, I’ve tried. Cleaning the residue off but had no luck

That’s what I would have done as well.
And if in doubt, get new rims. Brakes are safety critical, so I wouldn’t want to save money on them.

On further inspection they’re definitely worn. I have a spare set of vision wheels and I might just go back to alloy wheels. Carbon is too much faff

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Yeah, you can definitely see the gap.

Once you make the switch to disc brakes, it is easy sailing. The wear item (the rotor) can be replaced easily and you no longer need to switch brake pads if you go from an alloy rim to a carbon rim.


Yeah I know but the cost of replacing my bike with an equivalent disc version is way out of my financial and marriage situation


I think contacting the manufacturer is the better call then!

Sounds like you have not ridden them a lot?.. In which case, seems a bit odd they’ve worn through this fast.

Sure does seem a significant amount of wear - in my experience carbon rims last longer than alloy ones

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It does seem strange. They’re 6 years old but 90% of my training is indoors.

I think some rims are just like that (what they’re made up of or something). My old Hyper R45’s looked similar after around 2k miles in 90% dry conditions - pic below

Don’t I know it. My wife keeps me grounded and such expensive purchases should be something a couple decides together.

When I first got carbon rims I set them up this way and they screeched like crazy. After experimentation, I found that setting the pads perfectly parallel to the rims worked the best.

Those rims look worn and slightly concave but it doesn’t look extreme nor like a safety issue. The first picture either seems to be showing a worn off top layer of resin or pad residue.

I’d clean/scrub them again with maybe some steel wool at the end and then try new pads.

I always toe’d mine in until I got Winspace Hypers. The rear wheel made a lot of braking noise like that. Tried different pads too. Set them flat and now they are fine. Aren’t toe’d in brake pads going to end up mated flat against the rims after some wear anyway? Can’t say I ever checked, but it seems like they would.

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