Canyon Endurace vs Ultimate

This is exactly what I did. 2021 CF SL 8 with the regular bar and stem. Swapped the stem for a -17 no spacers underneath. Profile drive aero bars.

The only issue is the 1 1/4 steerer makes stem options really limited. Luckily Ritchey makes some that are very affordable.

I would buy this bike again no questions. It’s plenty fast. Get one with the leafspring seatpost


Same bike! And good point about the steerer - less choice for sure, but at least Giant and a few other smaller brands use the same size, some there were some options. Even Redshift started making a compatible shockstop stem when I was thinking about adding some compliance up front.

Also, I DID notice the newer versions of the CF 8 don’t come with the leaf spring seatpost anymore.

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I bought an Endurance and didn’t like much, turns out I sold it and bought a TCR 2021 on Market Place.

Way happier with the TCR. I found the Endurance too relaxed for me. Don’t get me wrong, the bike is nice, it just didn’t fit with my style. BTW, I was coming from a Tarmac, so I guess the TCR is closer, that’s way it fits better.

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I’ve thought more about “why not the Aeroad” and I keep coming back to concerns about comfort on long days. Do you have any experience with it?

I do not, but I keep hearing it’s the most comfortable aero bike out there. Plus, if you’re ok with 28mm tires, even more comfort. (I have the Ultimate but originally wanted the Aeroad. I got a great deal on the Ultimate at the time)

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I’ve got a 2019 Rim brake Aeroad, and a 2020 disc Endurace, The Aeroad was bought as a snap descision to replace a bike that kept going back to the shop with faults, the Endurace was bought for a road trip where rain was forecast for the entire week (and I panicked)

I’ve done 100 miles on both with no issue, the main differences (been bike fitted on both)

  1. The Aeroad has a full head of spacers, the Endurace is slammed
  2. The Endurace is slightly shorter, so the seat is pushed back
  3. The deeper wheels make it a bit more of a handful on windy days (I’m 68kg)

Brakes, but I don’t think thats relevant to you

My desicions were bad as they were always in response to something going wrong (Aeroad because it was summer and I kept lossing my bike to ride to faults), I get a bonus soon as was thinking about selling both and getting one bike to replace both, but really don’t know if I would be throwing good money after bad

Get the one that fits the best, Get the one you like the look of, and put a solid seatpost in a Endurace and everybody will think it’s a Ultimate

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I am spoiled, I went through a lot of bikes and currently I have 5. I am writing it not to brag but to say that I have some comparison :innocent:

I used to have endurace AL 2015, then endurace CF 2017 I guess. I have Ultimate CF. All rim breaks.

  • Endurace is shorter with a little bit higher position but still it can be set up agressively (with 0-offset and long stem (110mm) I could adjust the position almost excatly the same as on my Ultimate and Tarmac (both are set up the same following fitting measurements).

  • Ultimate in terms of handling and overall performance is comparable to Tarmac but it is less comfortable

I think you can’t go wrong with both. Enduace is not a slow bike. Even on the AL version I used to race in the mountains (my target races are about 100km/2000m typically).

To give you some image of my perspective. My favourite bike is Tarmac SL6 rim brake. I have also Giant TCR Advanced 1 Disc and, despite it is realy desent bike, it is worse that Tarmac and Ultimate - for me of course - mainly because of the geometry which I simply don’t like for some reason. Ultimate is comparable to Tarmac but much cheaper. Probably today, choosing between Tarmac and Ultimate I would buy Ultimate mainly because of the price difference.

Having already Gravel or Gravel-ish bike I would buy Ultimate but as only one bike mainly used on the road I would choose Endurace. But once again, and please remember that it is only my perspective, the difference is not that huge you can think.

The best bike I have ever bought regarding the price-value-ride-fun-factor: Endurace AL. The best bike in the terms of price-performance-overall satisfaction: Canyon Ultimate. The best bike I’ve ever used: Tarmac SL6.


The canyon ultimate aero is almost as aero as the aero.
Looking at Tour Int’s numbers, The Ultimate is a really nice riding road bike. The Endurance with the lead spring seat post is an outstanding riding road bike. You can put that post in any round post bike.

As a endurance bike, a current Ultimate would outperform any pre-2015 bike. As an aero bike, it’s be on par with any 2015 bike. Just get the Ultimate if it fits.

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I’ve got an Aeroad and have done 140 miles on it in a single ride, no complaints on comfort, not sure if that helps or hinders your choice but just throwing that out there.

Which one did you choose?

Totally agree, I had a Canyon Aeroad with all the spacers under it, got a Enduarace over the Ultimate as i wouldn’t need as many spacers … was racey enough stopped riding the Aeroad

In the words of Chris Miller:

Rather pro the Hubbard bike than Hubbard the pro bike.

I think an endurance bike with a longer, slammed stem looks way better than a race bike with 4cm of spacers and a short stem, or even worse, a positive angle stem. And it likely rides much better.


This is exactly the reason I bought a Giant Defy. To minimize the amount of spacers

I am pretty sure that my brain knowing that my bike looks cool makes the bike faster then any aero gains :smile: