Cantilever brake help

Hi all. Looking for some advice on my cantilever brake set up. Just finished building up a 2012 Crux expert (love it). I’m re-using the brakes it came with, which are TRP EuroX Canti’s. Was stoked about them, but I have an issue with the set up on them - i don’t think i can get them narrow enough?

I built up the wheels with Easton R90 SL rims, which have a 24.7mm OD. With the pads set up in a way where i have good lever throw, and the straddle hanger set up low (as recommended by many other forums ive seen on general cantilever brake set up), the arms still have a WIDE stance. So much so that the wire is breaking over the brake arm post. I know a wider stance has also tended to be used for better clearance at the expense of absolute power, and I am Definately finding that these are on the weaker side (atleast in their current set up)

I’m wondering if a pair of Avid Shorty Ultamites would solve this issue? I think the higher mount points for the straddle cable may allow for better leverage via narrower stance while still maintaining a low straddle hanger mount. I know the shorty urbanites are regarded as a very reliable and powerful brake just in general. Anyone have personal experience with this issue or any other advice? Pics attached for reverence.

If you are considering swapping out the cantis, just do V-brakes. I swapped out my Avid Shorty Ultimates for a set of Tektro 926 AL (less than $20 usd for one set), and it’s night and day. I now have as much braking power as hydro disk brakes (not near as nice though, or braking power in wet though), and it wasn’t that expensive to upgrade.

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Agree on mini-Vs, I recommend the TRP CX8.4 or 9’s depending on your brake level setup. You’ll never look at canti’s again after trying mini-V.


I upgraded to these from Avid Shorty and there is no comparison to how much better the V’s feel. Winners by a long (arm) shot :wink:

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I was afraid y’all were gonna suggest v’s😂 Looked at the CX8.4’s today and my two concerns would be 1. Tire clearance with the cable, as this will double as a gravel bike with 42’s mounted and 2. Have read they can sometimes feel very on/ off, which may not be the best when CX comes around where modulation is higher priority. Lemme know your thoughts or experience. For the tire clearance, i know they make 9.0’s, but it seems the 8.4’s mesh better with sram, which i am running.

Quick question - i know the CX9’s have a stated 90mm length. Do you know if that’s from the center of the brake mount bolt to the cable path going across the two arms? Or is it the whole physical arm, end to end.

From center of mounting bolt to center of cable bolt (or hinge).

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Sweet, looks like I actually have a healthy amount of clearance with 42’s then. Thank you!