Can you help identify this derailleur hanger?

Bit of an odd request I know but I need a little help.

I got my son’s bike 2nd hand and whilst doing a training session he fell and bent his derailleur hanger. We bent it back and it seems okay for now but I’m looking to get a replacement. The snag is that I can’t find one anywhere obvious!

I tried a couple of shops with no luck. I’ve also tried contacting the bike brand (Worx, a small British company) but they haven’t responded by email or phone. I’m told it’s reasonably non-standard as it’s designed to ‘sandwich’ the frame.

Any friendly mechanics out there that can advise where I might find one?

Something like this maybe? If not, look through their 2 bolt range and see if there’s anything more likely.


That does looks pretty similar. I think I may have to take it off completely to work out the exact match.