Can’t afford new bike - so opting for new wheels - recommendations?

I bought ENVE because:

  • no weight limit
  • great aerodynamics
  • great warranty

Had my DT Swiss ARC1100 (48mm) for around a year and they have been fantastic thus far.

They were a real step up from my previous Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon.

As for the tyres, I found the GP5000 to be a bit less durable and had to bin a couple of tyres due to sidewall damage. I’ll be sticking to GP4000 for the time being,

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I have used Yoeleo’s 50mm TL, couldnt be happier with them

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I went an entire season without any issues. I just replaced them with another set. What I like most about the GP 5000 is the 23mm measure pretty darn close to 23mm when inflated. All my other tires balloon to 25mm or more. Until I get wider wheels I’m sticking with the 5000s.

I’ve two sets of wheels direct from to the UK.

The first set are U shape 55mm rims that were built locally onto track hubs I already owned.
The second set are a wide V shape, 46mm deep on DT Swiss 350 hubs.

As you’d expect, buying direct = great value.

No complaints. I don’t worry about warranty, the rims are used by many reputable UK wheel builders and as they are hand built with easy to find parts, any niggles can be fixed locally. Worth adding that some of the rims are also on the schwable approved TL list - for added piece of mind.

Another recommendation for the Bontrager Aeolus Pro. I’ve really liked mine and currently have GP 5000 mounted on them.

I love the Bontrager wheels, but am hesitant to put them on my Specialized bike haha. At the end of the day I know it doesn’t matter… but still.

IIRC a “painted-on” skin-suit will do more for you than wheels or frame.

Thanks - a consideration however if I’m completely honest I’m not sure I can ‘pull off’ a skin suit :rofl:

Assuming you’re in the uk have a look at the Borg50 wheels from the cycle clinic.