Campy 11H Road Group Set for Gravel Use

Apologies in advance for a noob question but is there a significant downside of not having a rear clutch derailleur / using a road group set for gravel use?

I bought a used OPEN U.P. gravel bike and it came with a campy 11h disc group set (2x). I noticed that this specific group set doesn’t offer a rear clutch derailer like their new 1x gravel Ekar group set does. There unfortunately isn’t a way to get a rear clutch derailleur for this group set based on my knowledge.

I will mainly ride road on this bike (60-70% paved) so for my purposes I think it’s fine, but aside from potential chain slap / chain stay damage (which I noticed on the bike), is there a significant downside which would warrant me to change to a gravel specific set?

I don’t think any 2x systems for road come with a clutch as the main benefit to a clutch is keeping your chain on the front chainring. On a 2x system the front mech does this for you.

As long as the spread of gearing works for you, I wouldn’t worry about it. Maybe get some helitape if you’re worried about scratches and apply it to the RH chainstay. Hope this helps!