Campagnolo Super Record Wireless Groupset Just Released

That paint job looks like my kitchen counters

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I was thinking classic Contact paper, so in the same room.

IMO, they should do a two tiered strategy; classic and modern

Classic Campy: For those that want that vintage / traditional look, operation, feel

Modern Campy: Makes decisions to compete with the top tier group sets

I’m basically describing Gibson guitars and I’m shuddering at the thought but I think this makes the most sense.

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If people are shocked by the price of Super Record Wireless, wait until they see what Classic Campy Murphy Lab Heavy Relic costs!


Gibson and Campy are approaching their business in the same way tbh.

Campagnolo wants to be all custom shop. Unfortunately, they probably can’t sustain the business on 1000 groupsets per year.

Thats what the wine bottle openers are for

Edit: lol


Side talk, why do people pay $10,000 for someone else to ruin their guitar’s finish and hardware

Good buy Campagnolo!

When I started riding, almost everybody road Campagnolo. Some young kids went down the path of Dura Ace. Later, I used to feel unique being one of a handful of Campagnolo riders around town. Shimano parts were always kind of ugly to me. Sram - homely. Now, Shimano looks better - space age and dark colored. Campagnolo looks pretty much the same.

Sadly, Shimano never look this good:


This is my favorite Campy part. The 4-arm cranks are so ugly in comparison.


It’s never appealed to me personally, but I guess there’s something to having a vintage looking guitar that isn’t so expensive or fragile that you have to really worry about it.

That said, it’s impossible to really recreate the wear that accumulates over time so to my eyes relic jobs just end up looking wrong in an uncanny valley sort of way.


I always thought half the fun of guitar was playing it so much you wear it in.

Similarly, everyone’s favorite Shimano crank is the 7800 version, or sometimes the 9000 version. The thing is, when 7800 came out, people said this looks as ugly as sin, they should have stuck with the 7400 crank, or perhaps I could barely tolerate the 7700 crank.

Is it fair to criticize how things look? Tastes do change over time.

Just gonna leave this here…


Raise you a vintage Bianchi crankset

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I had that along with the full 7-sp group on my old Colnago. Such a cool old group.


I’m still running the crank on my trainer bike with a 9 spd drivetrain…I actually even used it on the same frame when I briefly had it set up as a dedicated TT rig and was running 10 spd.

May even still be the original CR’s too… :scream:


$5k for a group set? I guess if I needed to check the price, it was not meant for me…

Or me as a campy rider. While I love the leap forward I’m disappointed on a lot of it

I’m a Campag fan, and now is the first time in a long while I don’t currently have a bike with one of their groupsets. I can’t afford this, but I was excited by it, in the hope - but not necessarily expectation - that it might trickle down to Chorus level.

Thoughts, in no particular order:

  • I actually quite like the looks, though why the logo/lettering isn’t copper like the new Boras I don’t know, and it’s a missed opportunity
  • I’m not fussed about the ratios either way.
  • I knew it would be expensive but my god, it’s expensive
  • no thumb shifter. Massive miss IMO and probably a deal breaker for me. The irony is the thumb shifter actually makes way more sense on an electronic drivetrain
  • The off button is a good idea, though surely you just remove the batteries to achieve the same thing…??
  • I get that patents probably prevented interchangeable batteries but SRAM have a huge advantage here. I’ve also read that a pair of spare batteries is over $400 (yes, really)
  • if the shifting really is a bit rough under power (as per the Escape CC review) that’s a problem

Other, random musings:

  • I think there’s a real danger Campagnolo could p1ss off just about everyone with this approach if it’s going to be the norm going forward. Their traditionalists won’t like it but I can’t see younger racers going for it either
  • I am more motivated now to buy Chorus 12 (or Record 11 if I can find NOS) while I still can
  • the collective consensus among those I’ve talked to is that this is the work of the younger generation at Campag, who have very different ideas for the future of the brand (and not, IMO, good ones)
  • do Campag see a future for mechanical after 2023? Word is, possibly not. I hope that’s wrong.