Campagnolo Power Meter (4iiii or Stages Factory Install)

As the title says, I’m looking to see if anyone running Campy has done a 4iii or Stages meter installed on their crank?

I’m running Chorus 12S, and I’m looking at going with 4iii simply because they are currently at work, and Stages apparently isn’t (totally understandable, COVID is a real thing…).

Anyone running power on their Cmapy 11S or 12S setups?


WOW…I guess Campy users really are rare.

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I’m in a similar position with Campy 12 speed. What did you decide to do?

There is a Power2Max option (link below), which is fairly expensive, so I’m leaning towards power pedals.

I actually spoke with Stages just a very few days ago and they recommend I used a left side Record 12 arm, which was a scenario I was considering anyway. The two group sets are visually identical as far as cranks go, with both having the alignment key in the mesh teeth of the axle. Unfortunately Stages is out of stock on them at the moment, however this is likely the route I’ll go. It’s a 600.00 setup, which is about what the rest run. I’d much rather do a “factory install” on my chorus, but that doesn’t seem to be a big enough market.

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Thanks for the reply. That sounds like a good solution actually.

11 is 11. Any 11 speed crank power meter will work.

The absolute joy is that the Q factor has stayed the same between 11 and 12 speed cranks on Campagnolo.

I’ve got a Power2max NG that is going on 4 years old and shows no sign of failing. Best crank power meter in my eyes.

Personally I’d just get pedals with a power meter and call it a day.

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Running Campag SR 11 speed and I went with Assioma pedals. Had Power2max before and was happy with that but decided on the pedals to allow for any future groupset change.

Happy with the pedals.

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You can’t mix 11 and 12 speed campy cranks, by that I mean, you can’t have 12 on one side, 11 on the other. With 12, campy added a key way to assure accurate alignment. I assume somewhere a mechanic or home hack assembled their ultra torque one tooth off and complained vehemently online about how bad campy is, thus the new key way.

There are many many answers if I were working with 11 speed. I could probably fit an 11spd crank to this and it would work fine, but by then the cost would exceed this solution.

I considered the Assioma, In fact, I haven’t ruled them out yet, but I like the crank solution as well. I tend to like a single infrastructure type solution. I have a couple of stages PMs already, so it meets my OCD requirements to stick with them.

This group set is destined for my next bike as well, so I’ll make use of it there too, it will see a considerable life. I tend to ride campy sets for about ten years before I upgrade, moving the, from primary bike, to backup or cross, or whatever, along the way.

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I have had a Stages PM on carbon Chorus 11 cranks for a few years and recently got a 4iiii factory install on alloy Potenza 11 cranks. I haven’t had disastrous problems with either and the 4iiii factory install process was very straightforward, although shipping to Canada and import taxes on the way back across the Atlantic comfortably offset any savings from going 4iiii over Stages.

The only problem is that I don’t think they read the same. It’s hard to know for sure because I don’t have a pedal-based PM to check against but comparing against my Kickr Core suggests that the 4iiii might be up to 20W out. It seems consistent, and it’s really not worth shipping internationally to fix, so I can live with it but I’d probably think twice about buying an expensive gadget with no local support next time.

I’ve heard very good things about the Power2Max cranks, too, but I preferred something closer to the cranks’ stock appearance.

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Yeah Stages has full support for the 11spd family, but the only 12 they are doing right now is Record, and Super Record. Maybe that will change, I believe the left side is identical, between Chorus and Record, but honestly, I don’t mind running the left side Record.

I am running a previous generation Ultra-torque Record 11-sp crankset with an SRM pm (that I bought 2nd hand) on my 2018 Chorus 11-sp group set. Technically a No No. However, I have no issues with shifts, alignment, etc… Works like a charm. I couldn’t be happier.

Granted, this doesn’t add an iota of insight into the 12-sp world, but @mellowdave did ask about 11S, so here I am.

But all is not lost. For the price of a few 4iii or Stages pms, SRM will hook you up w a 12S Campy Record PM. 1% accuracy candy. :wink:

For more than I have in the entire bike, wheels included, I can have an SRM!!

:rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:

For the record, I didnt ask about 11SPD. I have 12 SPD Chorus. I think it was another poster who was curious about 11.

I mean in the end, I am the one who chose to go with Campy, knowing its a much smaller part of the market. Minus a little experimentation with my cross bike having Ultegra, I’ve always been a Campy guy. There are solutions, I’m just wanting to eat my cake too. Not unsurprisingly, this is compounded by my choice of an frame with an Italian Bottom bracket. Finding a functional, Italian threaded BB for my existing 386EVO pwoermeter has proven somewhat impossible. I might be able to grab a Kogel, or I might be able to have the frame faced a mm or so to make the one I have fit, but right now the FSA BB I was using before binds JUST SLIGHTLY when fully (and correctly) assembled.

My next build in April will be Campag and I will use Favero Duo. I thought about Stages & 4iiii but both are left crank only - I think, which is generally sufficient but I prefer to have the Duo. I currently use SpeedPlay so I will have to get used to Look pedals.

I may go the duo route too, Im not sure yet. There is a lot going for them, they are almost fully rebuildable, use Look compatible cleats (I currently ride Look Keos). The only thing I dont like is the rechargeable batteries are kind of wonky, vs just a replacement, but I mean, I’d only have to charge them once or twice a month under normal conditions…

Stages does offer a double sided power meter option, though for whatever reason, they have removed the Campy Super Record model from their website.

It’s always something isn’t it. Perhaps if I weren’t so picky…

I tend to shy away from Stages because I read so many quality issues in the past. Also I will get the SR so guess that won’t work. I just bought a pair of Look KEO Classic Plus and may as well start getting used to it on my current ride.

I have had zero issues with my Stages PMs (2x) but I dont pretend to say that this negates all the discussions and reports I’ve heard. Clearly some folks have.

That video was pretty interesting, maybe notch one more up for the Favero…

I mean in the end, I am the one who chose to go with Campy, knowing its a much smaller part of the market.

Last year I had a shifter cable break and after calling every bike shop within a 40 minute drive, I found one at one shop. He laughed when I picked it up, saying it was clearly my lucky day and suggested I go buy a lottery ticket.

Good luck with the threaded BB to 386EVO retrofit. Perhaps the lads at BBInfinite have something that would work, especially if you were to have the frame faced to a new spec.

Yes, my LBS also said they have not had issues with Stages for some time now but…

P2M NGeco on my post 2014 SR11 speed setup.

Wasn’t cheap, but looks and works great.

Stages wouldn’t fit due to clearance issues.