Calculating performance of light/aero bikes over a given course

Hey all, I am lucky enough to now have a arrow race bike and a very lightweight rim bike for various races in and around utah.
I’m a nerd and like data, calculations, and planning for things as well as I can. I’m wondering if there are any other data nerds out there that can tell me we’re have an idea about what websites and tools and calculators I could use to come up with theoretical times over given race courses with both bikes.
I know the data and figures for drag and wait and rolling resistance and so on would be very but given there’s snow on the ground and I like data, it would be fun to have a rough calculation of a given bikes performance over a course to try and figure out when one bike would be preferable over another.
Anyone ever do something like this? I know tools like (or whatever it’s called exactly), and best bike split will help, but I’m just curious if anyone else ever regularly does something like this and how you go about it… for science!

The go to site that I know is

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