CdA - Best Bike Split Race Analytics

How accurate does the group feel Best Bike Split Race Analytics is at calculating CdA? Any best practices you would recommend? I’ve uploaded a few files. Looking for a larger sample size of experiences. I’m a 70.3 triathlete working on improving my aerodynamics. Use PowerTap P1 power meter and Garmin 520 head unit. Avid TrainerRoad user with a Kickr and podcast listener. Thanks.

I regularly use bbs on my around town rides and upload to bbs and look at using race analytics. I’ve done a bunch of those and my cda doesn’t typically change much until the third decimal position. I take that number and build my race plans. I did a 70.3 this weekend and was within 2 minutes of goal time. IF was off by .02 and I had a higher VI than I wanted. I don’t know if the cda is super accurate, but it’s repeatable and got me to a good race time.

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