Buying a new bike. One bike to rule them all

My close friend works in the industry and he has said for the past 9 months, best bike is the one you can buy. Sounds like bikes are not shipping since there are no parts to hang on them, just frames.

Ok. So Ridley Kanzo Fast is not on the table anymore. Availability, at least in 6 months. We live in really crazy time :stuck_out_tongue: There is a chance to buy Giant TCX advanced pro 1 with grx 810 but with 1x. Its not a problem. I have old ultegra 6800 front derailleur and right shimano 810 shifter is available. I want to buy a new power2max power meter anyway so i need a new rotor cranckset I want to order with the power2max pm.
What I need, any info about the bike. Is is sth I want to use both on the road and offroad without sacrifing performance. Have you guys any experience with the bike?

Cyclingtips wrote about the new tcx, they really liked it.

I have two friends on them and they Both love the bike

I’m back and forth with the Tcx, superx or even the trek boone. Boltcutter makes some awesome bikes, it’s so hard for me to decide. I have a year til I’ll buy a new bike so I do have time.

I’ve just ordered my Kanzo Fast! Fingers crossed it will be here by Winter :crossed_fingers:

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They are a joy

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Anybody want a medium Kanzo?

It’s the right size for me but like I mentioned above - mine is on order…

I even paid a little more than that…

I’ve got the 2021 TXC Pro 1. I’ve had it since Thanksgiving, using as a 1 bike to rule them all. I just sold my TCR SL, which was a rocket, for my point of comparison. I’m running a left crank power meter (4iii) and there is clearance. I ran 40c Ramblers on a set of Easton EA 70AX with 24 mil internals and had plenty of clearance, probably could have done 42c’s but I think thats as big as you would ever want to go on this bike. My TCX SLR (aluminum) from 2018 had more tire clearance if thats an issue for you.

With the stock wheels, its fast on 28’s but it doesn’t pop like the TCR did. That being said, its a BLAST on gravel. I like that the TCX handles a little slower on the road than the TCR. Handling on the gravel is a little quicker than the Revolt from Giant. I’m running 35 Gravelking SS+ on the wide Eastons mentioned above and they are quick on the road and confident in more gravel then you think they would be.

I did stick with the 1x and its OK for the road, but I haven’t done any group rides. Using Bike calc and my own experience, I do spin out the 40t chainring around 27ish mph. After that I just cant put out any really meaningful power other than to maintain speed. I will probably do a 2x on it at some point.

Any specific questions?

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Are the rims carbon? If so do they look decently built? I’m on the fence putting money down for one. It is a great deal for components offered

I have 2021 TCR too and it stays with me but I need one bike/2 set of wheels for my holidays - mainly in the Alps. I don’t have space to take two bikes with me and I want to have the ability to conquer the epic road passes and go for the gravel adventure if I want. On gravel I use 35mm tires and it is enough for me. Ability to use 40mm is just great.

The first question, do you like the bike? Would you buy it again? What about the weigh? I know it’s not a pure road bike but how much perfermance have you sucrified using it in comparison to tcr? I want to buy power2max powermeter and rotor adhlu cranckset and replace 1x to 2x. Tuis is the first thing I will do with the bike. What about the wheels?

Wheels are 42mm carbon. They feel good. I have taken them on gravel with road tires a few times and they were fine. I plan on beating the heck out of them during cyclocross season. Its so hard to know how much of the snap from the previous bike was from the shallow carbon wheels (also giant, and similar weight) and how much was from the frame. Overall, the package is not a snappy.

To get back to your question about performance? Im certain that this is a top performer on gravel and cross. Does it loose a little on a road bike, probably a little. The previous bike was 16 lbs total with rim brakes, this one is probably more like 18.

Would I buy it again, yes. I’m a chicken descender and I LOVE the new disc brakes. I also like the comfort of bigger tires, since I’m not a road racer. I like the geo of the new bike better, as mentioned above, but probably most of all, the new bike fits me better. Its a smidge shorter in reach and its PERFECT for me. None of that is really model specific so Im not sure if that helps you. While I LOVED the previous bike, this one is really better for me in every way.


Today I will speak with Giant dealer about delivery time and 2x modifications. The choice is TCX Advanced Pro 1 - on your picture the bike looks amazing. Keep the finger crossed. If the delivery time is acceptable I will order it to make one bike/2 pair of wheels bike from it.

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Let me know how the 2x thing turns out. When I purchased the bike I estimated $600ish US to convert. AND another picture, because why not!?


Ok, I ordered the bike, new 2x cranckset with power2max power meter and new shifter to convert 1x to 2x. The bike should be delivered in the week 15th (7 weeks from today).

It looks amazing on your photos. Hope, main will be - at least - as much beautiful as yours :slight_smile: :sweat_smile:

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