Bryton s500 thoughts?

Anyone have or thinking about getting the bryton s500

Had a Bryton once. Head unit was ok. App was a total disaster and made having the head unit pointless. Unless the app is actually usable now, I’m one person staying away.

App isn’t bad now. It used to crash the whole bad thing about bryton is their customers service you would be lucky to hear back

The 310 and 420 I have used have been solid. I don’t use the app much, everything just got passed through to Strava. They have decent battery life and never lost any data, pairs worth a variety of sensors no problems.

The 420 battery is unbelievable

I had a Bryton bike computer a couple years ago. For me is was not a good product. Support was even worse. My LBS stopped selling them. This was probably around 2018, so maybe they have improved.

+1 on the Bryton Rider 310. I’ve used mine since 2017 when it cost about £80. I bought a PM that year and it was the cheapest head unit I could find that handled power data. So much cheaper than anything Garmin offered at the time. It’s still going strong. If they are still the cheapest out there when I need another I won’t hesitate to buy another Bryton.

I didn’t even know there was an app :joy: I just plug it into my laptop via USB and upload the FIT file when I get home

Make up your own mind. I think I’d be looking at the Bolt over this.

You may have seen this already, but this seem to have just been posted:

I like my 750 a lot. I would consider it.
Lack of live segments is my only real gripe, but it genuinely forces me to be methodical when considering KOM attempts.

I 100% agree

I didn’t listen to it fully but GPLama published a review last night. The intro puts me of it “the substantial list of problems” :open_mouth:

Bryton Rider S500 Cycling GPS Computer // Flagship or Failboat? - YouTube

I got a 750, works but disappointed the routing is offloaded to the phone and can’t be done offline. Also map updating is janky. Delete old one, copy in new one, boot and let it unpack and install.

Doesn’t see the new 500 is much better aside from faster cpu and battery life. Should have gotten a garmin.

Check out @GPLama s review.

Yeah… apologies for that one. I wasn’t even planning on a review of it. Like the 750, I was just going to leave it in the box and hope it’d disappear. Having scanned all the initial reviews there was a few things I thought people should know about.

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It looked like an honest review thanks . Appreciate all the work you put in thanks Shane.

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I really wish a company would come out with a decent head unit. Sooooooo tired of all the glitches in my Garmin 1030 (latest: screen froze the second the whistle blew on my last gravel race a few weeks ago; left me without turn by turn directions the first 20 miles. When it finally started working, it was turns only and no other data). The editor of Road Bike Action magazine wrote that he called Garmin about a problem with his high end Fenix watch. The customer service rep told him “our products are expected to last 6 months” and offered to sell him a re-furb for $300. SOMEBODY out there has to have a better product, with a better price point and better customer service