Bryton Rider S800 Cycling Computer

Just announced. Key specs:

  • 3.14in colour screen
  • 36(!) hour battery life using new memory in pixel (MIP) technology which reduces power consumption by only refreshing the pixels that need changing
  • Google voice search
  • Group ride feature where you can voice-to-text others in the group and also track their locations
  • 106g

Looking forward to a full review of the device.

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And USB-C :star_struck:

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Surprising release (first I saw of this was today… so no pending review from me). Their S500 was their new ‘flagship’ launched only four months ago that needed a LOT of work.


When you don’t succeed on the first attempt try, try again. :slight_smile:


Its certainly not cheap. Lets see what Shane makes of it when he gets his hands on one :+1:


As mentioned, price is pretty high, putting a lesser known brand up against some well established brands and models.

I’ve used Brytons for a long time, recently the 750 which I really liked. I’ve moved to a Garmin 530 which for me was a step down, Garmin misses some basic features like ‘navigate to a user entered address’, on the Bryton I could just enter an address on the phone, choose the preferred route and it auto-synced to the head unit, just like a car gps or google maps. There are features I miss from the Bryton on the Garmin, but not vice versa… but that’s just me, I don’t use a lot of the Garmin features.

Another consideration is the software platform behind the computer and if you want it. Garmin and co have strong apps and online functions for analysis and such, but then again a lot of people here will use other dedicated analysis and fitness trackings tools/platforms that just sync data from Strava.

If this unit were cheaper then I’d sell my Garmin 530 tomorrow, but unless shops sell it at a much discounted price, then Bryton may struggle to pull people away from Garmin and co

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This with a 3.4" screen seems more like a competitor to the $600 1030 (3.5" screen) and it’s only $400, so same price as the 830 (2.6“ screen). This is their high end unit.

They aren’t well known, at least not in the US. This will limit how many others know about this device to ask for a review which means less interest in doing a review to allow people to know about this new device.

I don’t get these devices… none of these color screens have anywhere near the contrast of the B&W displays. None of the maps are worth a damn and you end up pulling out your phone anyway. They fail job 1 while trying to succeed at job 5 or 6. I tried a Bolt v2 recently; when my Bolt v1 broke, I went looking for another Bolt v1.

Any plans on getting your hands on the s800 for a review?

Not at this point.


They’re probably keeping it well away from you :smile::smile::smile:

Given they’d sent over two of their previous releases in advance and nothing for this, I suspect this is the case.