Broken Clavicle, 2 weeks X-Ray not looking good

Another surgery advocate here. It ensures a smooth union rather than leave it to chance, I don’t know many people who healed naturally without some sort of lump. It doesn’t bother many, but for me I like the peace of mind knowing it’s right. In the worst case that it’s not healing then that’s obviously a nightmare! If you choose surgery make sure to find a good one if you can afford it, it certainly makes a difference, both in the material (plates and bolts) and the scarring as well.

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Looks like this is the broken clavicle thread.

I am trying to decide surgery vs. non. Like others, I have a fear of general anesthesia. I feel like if there is a complication possible, that it will happen to me (e.g. black cloud syndrome). But would be nice to not feel like shard of bone are going to stick out of my skin if I move wrong.

Literature review of numerous meta-analysis seems to say it doesn’t really matter long term but short term gains seem to be statistically significant.

Er doc not ortho here so I won’t tell you to get surgery or not but one thing I will add is this: having the plate out is a second operation and requires immobilization for a few weeks. Remember you now have a bone with no plate but it does have holes in it from the screws. I’ve seen 2 patients who re-fractured their clavicles within a few weeks after having their plates out. So just keep in mind that while it’s not a huge deal to get the plate out it’s not nothing. My ortho colleagues tell me (and my own anecdotal experience) is that lots of folks gets the plates out as they can be annoying. So not necessarily a reason not to have it fixed, but just something else to keep in mind.

Appreciate you taking the time to reply and good points to keep in mind. Thanks!

@GlassGears That picture looks somehow familiar – even down to the 21mm notation :wink:

Heal up!

p.s. No hurry in getting the little cooler back to me.

I think you should buy a new bike.

I suggested to my wife that instead of surgery I could take the money for surgery and buy a new bike. She was properly amused.

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Well it sounds to me that you need a new bike AND a new wife

Lol - my wife is pretty amazing - anyone else would be a downgrade for sure! :slight_smile: (and I say this WITHOUT her standing behind me).


Well I guess we’ve both out-ed ourselves LOL. Maybe we can do a group train one of these days while I am getting better and when the weather is too wet/cold for you. Blue boxes FTW.

The food was great and much appreciated!

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