Brilliant new training aid

My TrainerRoad mule is an old Giant Yukon MTB that is as old as the hills and twice as rugged. I noticed that its bottom bearing is starting to creak quite badly, and I think I have hit on a killer new training aid.

I was doing Pettit today which is a one hour endurance session with various pedaling drills. It occurred to me that the bottom bracket creaked most when I was mashing, with very noticeable power strokes. As I worked on the kick and pull, I was able to reduce the amount of creaking. If I really focused on pedaling in circles, I was able to eliminate the creaking.

I think this is because as the bearing wears, the crank precesses in the bearing as well as rotating, and it’s the precession that causes the creaking. By focusing on the creaking sound I was able to really smooth out my power delivery. No creaking = smoothest power and best form.

If you’d like to replicate this in your own paincave, just send me $300 in used bills and I’ll send you my new Acoustic Feedback Power Delivery Monitor. ADFPMs: they make the good great! (TM)


Just wait until bike companies use this to market press fit bottom brackets.