Bottle cage recommendations

Spesh Zee cages on all bikes, pretty light and very secure. Always use my left hand to handle bottles so my right can shift and brake as needed.

Have you checked out Supacaz?

Link above points to a gold one…also:

yeah, that was my first hope, but I saw enough reviews complaining about losing bottles due to no notch that I’m passing on those

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its an all-in-one upper body workout and core stabilization routine :rofl:

Another vote for non carbon rib cages. Light enough, durable and look good on any tarmac in matte black. :eyes:

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For 5 years I have used the Delta Inox stainless steel bottle cage. I think they weigh something like 50 grams each? They don’t break. I put a thin strip of skateboard tape on each side of the cage & I’ve never had a water bottle fall out.

They may be overkill for regular road application, though. But for gravel/adventure/cx they are very, very good.

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