Bont Vapor S Shoe-Heat Molding Question

Can/do people heat the Vapor and not use their footbeds as they stand in them hot? I have custom orthotics which are a bit thick and makes shoe fit a bit tough. Hoping the sole of the shoe can mold to my foot enough to not need the orthotics is where I’m going with this…

I tried it on my Vaypors and still ended up with orthotics in them.

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Thanks Trippy. Been waiting a month for mine to arrive and had no shoes available to try on. I traced my feet numerous times and ordered accordingly but, the orthotics just take up more height than normal…sounds like if you have flat feet maybe but, really shaped unique feet not so much.

I have a bit of an arch on my feet so it’s tight getting my feet in versus the standard inserts but not concerning by any means.

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