Bont Riot+ Shoes

Hi - Quick question as not sure where else to ask. Just ordered some bont riot+ shoes online which arrived today. The length is pretty much spot on but they are really on the tight side. Was wondering does anyone have any experience of how much these will stretch when heat moulding them? They’re basically unwearable as they are and I’m reluctant to shove them in the oven if i’m expecting too much. The width was always going to be a close call based on the size chart.

Not having much luck at the mo… Bought a second hand pair of wide lakes on ebay first and width was amazing but too short! Had to re-sell them. Getting out to an actual half decent store is not easy at the moment. Any help appreciated!


In my experience, I couldn’t get the riots to stretch with heat molding, and I even let them bake longer and at a higher temp, they just fit super tight. I’ve got a pair specialized shoes (cant remember the model name but it has boa system) and really like them

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No stretch in the Riots here either. I actually baked them so much that the glue holding the leather around the sides up front got loose. so be aware of that and if they’re too tight send them back and try another brand/shoe.

Where are they tight? Are they tight top to bottom (i.e. shoe feels too shallow) or is it the width? Some Bont models are much shallower than others. It basically sounds like they are just the wrong size. Heat moulding them is to refine the fit, not make them fit, so won’t really help.
With Bont shoes you tend to have to get 1 size bigger - if your foot length measures out at 270mm (size 43) you should get the size 44s. Also, it’s important to follow the width guide on the sizing and if you are close to the max width on the normal sizing, go for the wider version (personally I think the size guide isn’t really accurate on the width front - from experience the wide size should kick in a little earlier). Problem is that the wider versions are a lot harder to get hold of.

Thanks for the feedback. Back they go then.

The length is spot on as per the sizing chart. It’s the width that’s a struggle. The Riot+ don’t come in a wide unfortunately but I read a review saying they still come up wider than most. I can’t really justify the £££ for the vaypor wides or the lake 237 wides.

The search continues…


Hi all.
Sorry to resurrect, but I am in exactly the same situation as the OP.
I chose the Bont Riot plus as the reviews had them as a wider, more “anatomically correct” shoe.
Just tried them on and they are super tight.

I was going to exchange them for the size up, however I can only get them online. Do you think going up a size will be OK or am I better looking for an alternative?

There isn’t much choice where I am - tried a few times to try on wide versions of Shimano and Giro and I have been unfortunate to have come into the store when they have none in stock.

After an awful lot of waiting around I ended up finding a decent deal on the lake 218 wides and they’ve been perfect so far. Where abouts are you?

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I’ve had the same issues with Bont riot+. I’ve just returned some as the width was miles away from what their sizing chart suggested.

Bont do make a wide version, but you’ll have to contact them directly because most suppliers don’t stock them

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Hey Sammy - in Ireland.
There is one store that stocks the Lakes, so will have to check them out!
Good to hear you got some shoes that suit.

I got them from probikekit in the end while they had an extra 20% off shoes so a decent price. I’d assume they’d ship out to you. They’re usually on back order though so you’d have to wait a couple of weeks. I’m an 8 normally and the 43’s were bang on.

Good luck. The bonts also look great if you can get them in a wide

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I have quite a wide fore foot but a narrow heel. Always struggle with shoes. Got the Bont Riot + because I’d read they are good for a wide foot. They were unwearable out of the box. Carbon foot bed too tight at the front and under my foot arch. It was digging into my foot. I agonised over what to do but ultimately decided to take chance and bake them. I used a screwdriver handle to push out the foot bed in the areas it was tight. They still feel tight ish to stand in and not massively comfortable, but when on the bike they are perfect! Best fitting bike shoe I’ve had.
Size wise I matched the size I previously wore using Specialized shoes: 46.

Bringing this back up… I wish I would have seen this thread before I got my Bont Riots. I have a normal width foot but a very low arch and these are painful and for sure are a fail. 3 tries in the oven to mold them and they don’t budge. They are not wide at all in the mid foot, actually quite narrow for me and dug super hard in my arches. The toe box is roomy though and the length was spot on (9.5/43). Bonts are touted to have a great last shape that someone can customize with the heat molding and or put custom insoles in but I didn’t find this to be true. As a side note, shimano spheres fit the same as these and hurt my feet. I’m currently running old school Bontragers RL’s that fit perfect but are worn out and they don’t make these anymore.