Blurry rides on app

Not sure where to post this and can’t find similar in search.

Why do completed rides now show as blurry after the ride? It’s not because they’re still processing because you can click on it and see the detail.

I think it is because there is still some post processing ongoing (likely the thumbnail image).

But why is that the case? It wasn’t like that before. It lasts for hours.

I had this happen to me the other day. I had just completed a ride on Saturday, the workout finished “processing” and the thumbnail was updated. However a ride I had completed on Thursday was blurred out, as it if was still processing.

In the end I tried reloading the application, and that fixed it. :man_shrugging:

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Thanks. I’ll try deleting and adding the app. I’ve had that happen too…where a ride that is days old still shows as blurry until I click on it.

Oh, I just meant a restart. I didn’t delete and reinstall.

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I have that problem on both iOS and Win10. In both cases, the workout shows as completed, but with a fuzzy thumbnail image. In both cases, the refresh button does not correct it, and in both cases restarting the app clears the issue. I raised this bug on the iOS beta some time ago.

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Yep - I see this for every ride that get’s uploaded too.

Known I bug believe - Had same on PC. Press F5 on PC and it will refresh. Seems to fix it for me.

Why there is not a list of various bugs around (as they have introduced for AT) defeats me. Everything gets hidden in the misc several thousand odd forum posts.

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