Blood pressure medication and training

hi there. i wanted to take part in a study on tapering but have been ruled out because i have been diagnosed with high blood pressure and take medication on a daily basis (ramipril). apparently this would potentially skew the results. my question is if anybody knows anything about taking medication like this can influence my training and potentially hold back my gains?


I’m also hypertensive, and haven’t noticed any training issues with ACE inhibitors. Some people get a cough on them, and I suppose if you had that issue it might signify an impact on your training. I have not come across anything negative regarding their use in sport despite occasionally looking. Every few years it’s worth reviewing the latest information on any/all the medications you take. The risks and benefits and guidelines are constantly changing and physicians are NOT usually following/implementing these things that closely. Particularly if you’re stable on your current regimen, they’re reluctant to suggest changes.

It could simply be the design of the study you were looking to join wanted a “healthy” population for whatever thing they were trying to study. Science is hard, and defining your cohort is a big deal if you want the results to be replicable.

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