Block Periodization (Dylan Johnson Video)

I though some of you might be interested in this.

I think Chad addressed this on a previous video, and that he wasn’t a fan of Block Periodization because you were focusing only on a single energy system, at the expense of all others. Some of those systems can “degrade” fairly quickly if they’re not being used; so, if you’re in a week where you’re not doing HIIT work, you might be losing performace.

Dylan’s video seems to be referring to research which indicates that block periodization workouts show good improvement, but “improvement” over what energy system? Apologies if that was mentioned, but I’m at work and couldn’t watch the whole thing.

All that aside, does TR have plans which use block periodization? I was always under the impression that each week (especially in Base) was very balanced, making sure to hit each energy system, each week.

Again, I’m vaguely remembering Chad’s position from a podcast I heard a while ago, but I’m sure someone can dig it up. If it turns out that block periodization is the bees knees, then I’ll wait for Chad to throw together a plan for it! :slight_smile:

I remember him suggesting a block in a recent AACC. Can’t find it right now. Something about changing things up to overcome a plateau.


I don’t see that as very accurate. He actually has done and discussed doing VO2Max work specifically, in at least one post on the forum.

He has discussed his own Sprint Training Block on the podcast on several occasions. He and Nate also hinted at other possible versions of “camps” and “blocks” that they wanted to offer, so people could work more specifically on one system or another. These have not been introduced, but the discussion at the time lead me to think they see value for some people and case to apply these block.

This type of work can be worthwhile precisely because it focuses on one area of interest. As with just about any training, there are also peripheral gains in areas other than the one of focus and interest. Training is not black and white or as finitely specific as we might think. We can improve on some areas while also maintaining (or even building) other areas.

This might be one:
What is block periodization, and how should you use it?

Another one maybe?
Is VO2 Max trainable?

Yeah, in the first video you linked, Chad is being careful, when talking about the benefits of block Periodization (“BP”), to point out that there are drawbacks – fatigue, loss of other energy systems, and that it doesn’t take advantage of the “rising tide”.

Still, he is alot less guarded than I remember him being, which I blame on trying to listen to the podcast while sweatin’ it out on the trainer.

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