Biologic impacts to performance

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I’ve suffered from an autoimmune condition psoriasis and a little bit of psoriatic arthritis for many years. It hasn’t negatively impacted my ability to train or my overall performance near as I can tell. My doctor’s recommended taking skyrizi which is a biologic since the psoriatic plaques now cover a pretty large portion of my body. I’m wondering if anyone here has any experience taking this medication or any other biologic in terms of how it impacted your energy levels, training etc. Due to time considerations I am currently on the low volume plan with longer rides on weekends fwiw.


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I have crohns disease(autoimmune condition) and take a biologic, humira. I have been on it for 11 years. In the early time of taking it I found it made me drowsy so I would take it in the evening and basically sleep through the side effect. I didnt notice any other impact with it.


I have Ulcerative Colitis - a sister autoimmune disease to Crohn’s. Every 8 weeks, I receive a biologic infusion of Entyvio after Humira failed to bring remission. I feel/felt very little effect from either of the biologics aside from the face that remission is absolutely amazing as opposed to being half dead in a flare.

The meds don’t make me feel diminished in any way - it’s the auto-immune flares that bring me down.

Also, @brenth check out

This is an effort between my coach (a professional cyclist with IBD) and I to raise awareness, making an invisible disease visible while we challenge what’s possible with IBD.


I will check it out. I learned a long time ago to let others know about crohns. Yes it is a terrible condition but it doesnt end your life. My own story keeps evolving. Just skimmed a thread from 2018 on crohns…and a few posts by myself. Interesting reading what my view with cycling was then vs what I can do now.


You’re exactly right - it’s an opportunity to overcome any limitations. And I’m with you - looking back to see the growth in spite of what’s going on inside is uplifting. It’s definitely made me appreciate life much more, as I know what being in bad health is like.

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