Bike security/theft prevention

What is TILES?

It ends up getting to the point where going on a ride is so much hassle to get the bikes out and then put them away!

Betting than having them nicked though!

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Bikes in the house with home insurance.

I understand the reasoning but the fact is there is on average 2 burglaries every minute in the US.

@Johnnyvee, could you possibly expand on some of the specifics of your scheme (including the positioning you allude to in order to impede access for grinders etc), and the chains/locks you decided to go for?

I intend to speak to Steve at Pragmasis regarding an order I’m teeing up but would welcome extra input, including what if anything you might’ve done differently having the benefit of hindsight.

Maybe PM me if you don’t want it plastered over the forum?


Obscured polycarbonate sheet is an option to consider for any windows.

There are other products out there with better GPS.

I’m sure you’ll find those concentrated in specific areas where citizens aren’t allowed to do anything but call police for help

What about a monitored alarm system? Maybe they could even add a sensor to your shed. Adds a little piece of mind.

No, its not cut proof. There is basically nothing you can buy that a reasonable angle grinder cant cut. Even if you made a magic cut proof cable, the concrete and brick cuts just fine.

The answer is insurance, inside and out of sight. A dog with a big noise never hurt anything either. Our dane is a big baby but she makes a woof that will cause pause in many. For whatever reason people fear dogs more than humans in many cases.

Fwiw, my $100 says it was the construction people. Was all their stuff stolen? Cause tools are WaaAaaAay easier to fence than expensive bikes. People target construction sites for just this reason, its a constant battle. If their stuff was not touched that is way suspect.

Just the thread I wanted to read…

In the middle of building a massive shed in the garden so we can have the spare bedroom back as a room

Now I’m considering making the other half put her clothes in said shed so I can keep the room as is

I was thinking of reinforcing the doors and putting bars accross with padlocks
Something extremely loud inside on a sensor

Bikes locked inside a box ( 3"x2" and inch ply ) and then a ground anchor with chains around the bikes

3 sets of locks with loud noises going off

I know its not completely safe but surely that’s enough of a deterent/ inconvenience

I used live in Chicago. Had 2 bikes and my bike rack stolen from my garage. I had my car stolen. And an attempted break-in.

I live in a mountain town in Colorado now. Pretty much no crime here.

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People in Chicago have no Tegridy

I think the sad, sorry truth is that if somebody wants your bikes, they’ll take them.

Personally I read my insurance policy very carefully and then ensure I adhere to their specifications. This summer, I fitted ground anchors in our garage. Purchased two Gold Standard motorcycle chains with matching padlocks. I photographed the anchors/chains and kept all of the packaging. The keys are not kept anywhere near the padlocks. All of my drills and cutting tools are kept locked in a separate part of the garage.

I know in my heart-of-hearts I’ve done as much as I can to deter a thief taking my bikes from my home. It wouldn’t be easy but if someone really wanted them, they’d be gone. So I researched reputable insurance companies.

To be honest, I think I’m more likely to have my bike(s) stolen whilst I’m out riding. That has started to become a thing in recent times.

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Annoying as it is covering the windows is a key part. Not being able to see inside helps prevent this whole thing I guess.

Yeah im going to put some sort of obscure window/ blinds over them so I can still have natural light while training

This is something I’ve really been thinking about after finally buying a bike that would hurt me to lose after so many years of riding cheap bikes. I’m not too worried about serious thieves with bolt cutters and angle grinders, but my wife has a bad habit of leaving the garage door open on accident. It would only take a few seconds for an enterprising neighborhood kid to see the bikes hanging there and ride off with one of the bikes.

The plan I’ve been thinking about is to drill some anchors into the concrete and run a cable through the frames. Obviously this would be easy to defeat with some tools, but I’m not too worried about that where I live.

In your case I’d look at some way to track that the door is open.

No problem sharing details to a degree. I’ve got two ground anchors put fairly close to a wall so when the bikes are locked up the bikes obscure the ground anchors and I make sure that the way the chains go around the three bikes they’re taught - no touching the ground as it gives a lever point. Picked that up from the Pragmasis website.
Ones a double doofer and the other is a different make.
The chains are the Protector 16mm and a smaller one maybe the 13mm and go around and through downtubes and rear triangles - 3 bikes all nose to tail.

The bikes cant be moved as they’re snugged into a corner and my heavy workbench is the other side of them.

The chains and locks - I have different types of locks on each chain.

All the D locks I have are different makes, models and grades but they’re only there to waste their time. Again get a mixture of makes.

The idea is not to leave any free space so that they can use the floor or wall to rest bolt croppers on and use their full scrawny weight on the other arm. So they have to use something louder…

I have a PIR alarm sensor in the garage as part of the house alarm. Then there two other PIR devices in there too - one with a keypad that if not deactivated will deafen anyone in the garage and one that notifies me via my phone.

It’s a pain sometimes to go for a ride just getting a bike out but I have the bike I use most often on the outside and if I know I’m going out I’ll check the tyres etc and unlock it then. The turbo bike isn’t even locked as it’s a direct drive turbo and my old hard tail MTB.

Also garage door has a defender and a good lock and if we go away I always back up the car we’re not taking so the garage door couldn’t be opened without them moving the car too.

I was on my rollers the other day and noticed a drive past scoping out the houses. We live in cul-de-sac so no need for it. So I got my mobile out and filmed them from the garage door and made sure they saw me. I think I may have even waved - being 6’3’’ has some advantages in that you get noticed But these people do not like to be spotted.

Can recommend those ring doorbells either in the area or overlooking - as soon as they register movement they let you know and going old fashioned you can get farmers mine alarms - trip wire to a 12gauge shell. My garage looks untidy inside and that’s the reason as I don’t want to make it obvious where these things are. :joy:

Sorry really long post but hope it helps.

I’m insured too but after they all got nicked last time my insurance went through the roof and the insurance company tried to rip me off with the suggested replacements. Can do without that stress.

Make it as difficult, noisy and time consuming as you possibly can and keep all locks, chains etc in awkward to reach places and angles where they can’t get things like bolt cutters or the leverage to use them. :grin:.


Great post, thanks man.

Keep up the fight!