Bike Light suggestions

Looking for a bicycle light that could double as a power source to charge a phone or head unit.

I can’t point you towards that but would like to point out that a modern phone will consume about 3ah from a battery pack which will be about the size of the battery pack. Depending on what you are doing would you consider either a generator wheel or a solar pack you could leave exposed all day?

I’m not sure if you want to charge your device and shine light at the same time. If not then this might be of interest. They have other models that are similar.


Bontrager RT Flare

Not at the same time. Just to extend my other electronic devices on a long trip if needed. So this might do it.

Knog Pwr Road has great fun time, programmable settings & can be used as USB Charger

How long of a ride?

A 10000 mAh battery pack charges modern phones 3-4 times and runs about US$30-35 on Amazon. They’re plane legal too.

If you’re doing extended touring in the middle of nowhere, solar and dynamo are your best bets. Unless you’re in Scandanavia ( @2:45).

Second the Knog Pwr Road if you’re just looking to extend device life at rest stops. If for long trip however, strongly suggest a battery pack. It just packs a lot more power and you won’t take away from your light’s run time.