Bike Helmets for (Small) Kids

Just wondering what helmets you all use for your young kids (3 and under) as they learn to ride balance bikes. So I’m looking for pretty small helmets. I’ll also use it for the kids when they ride with me in the cargo bike. Maybe @Jonathan would like to add what he used for Simon?? Thanks, everyone!

Very happy with our Giro scamp, we in fact got two for our girls, who have been on bikes since they were 2. Good fit (and not so easy for them to get off either)

Our elder one now has a bell lil ripper, a fairly solid number which offers lots of protection

Hope that gives you a few ideas.

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In Sweden large insurance companies have made really good studies testing kids helmets so they can recommend the best to their customers (Swedish insurance at its finest)

Here is one of the tests PDF (in English):

Another insurance company did tests with Royal Technical University in Sweden and they concluded that Lazer Nutz MIPS, Scott Groove PLUS MIPS and Limar 560 MIPS were top three best for kids’

The helmets in the first test might be European models so can’t vouch that they can be found everywhere.

We recently bought the Lazer Mutz MIPS for my brothers son and it fit really well and covers the head properly, as well as around the head. Not only sits “on” the head.

I bought a Lazer P’Nut (I think) and it’s been great for my kids when they were <3.

Mine is an older model than this, but the retention system looks about the same.