Bike fit changes with clipless to flats

I’m swapping my clipless pedals and shoes for Catalyst pedals and Vivobarefoots. I’m curious of the typical changes or adjustments that others have needed to make when making the switch from clipless to flats.
My guess is that as I’ll be switching from a forefoot to mid foot position, that I’ll at least need to bring my saddle forward. For info, I ride only indoors on a road bike using a TacxNeo and TrainerRoad.

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In my experience lowering the saddle is the first change required before playing with fore/aft settings, if any.

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Yup, 100% set saddle height before changing fore-aft.

With the shoe and pedal swap you have, I’m guessing you need to drop 5-10mm from a clipless setup height.

It is so much going to depend on the height of the new flat pedal platforms, the height of new shoes you intend to cycle in, and how that compares to your clipless setup. First test should be not to change anything and go for a ride and see what you think…