Bike and power meter swap using same head unit during ultra endurance ride

I’ve searched and haven’t found what I’m looking for. The quick and dirty… One ultra endurance ride (24hrs) one Wahoo Bolt recording the event as a single ride but switching bikes and thus power meters during the event. Can this be done and still end the ride without stopping the head unit? Running Vectors on my road and looking to get something for the TT.

Pretty sure it can be done in one file. The Bolt will read any device that it has been paired to and is actively awake and reporting.

  • Presumably, after swapping the Bolt to the other bike and riding away from the first power meter, the power will be lost from that device, and I think the Bolt will automatically switch to the new power meter (again, assuming previously paired and connected well).

  • You can likely verify in the main setup page to see what is connected. Would be good to test and be sure ahead of time, but it should work AFAIK.

If the bolt can’t pick up the new power meter (might do, I’ve never tried it) and you do have to start a new ride you could always merge the two files together in something like to have a single recording.


I think this would work. I’m pretty sure most CX pros run power meters and they have 3-4 bikes and swap back and forth between at least 2 during a race. They all use watches instead of a head unit but same difference.

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