Biggest event yet for me this weekend...should I put on new tires?

I’m doing a charity road ride this weekend that’s 192 miles over 2 days. It’s the biggest event I will have done to date so I’m trying to make sure everything is just right.

I’m running GP5000 TL tires now…they were carried over from a prior set of wheels and probably have about 1000 miles on the set. They have some squaring off but the wear dimples are still there. On one hand, I’m sure they have more life left in them, on the other I really don’t want to get stuck on the side of the road and want as smooth of an even as possible.

Does it make sense to throw on some new tires (still GP 5000 TL)?

Figured old tires would be more prone to cuts. Just trying to cover all my bases.

And there’s no way I’m getting. GP5000 TL off my rim on the side of the road. I have dynaplugs, CO2, and plenty of sealant.

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If they only have 1000 miles on them I would leave them, especially if the dimples are still very visible. Some squaring off is pretty normal for GP5000s.

I wouldn’t mess with your bike the day before a big event just in case something goes wrong with the mounting unless you have a shop or someone that can help you on very short notice. Personally I never do anything to my bike besides a wash and chain lube, air in tires etc unless I can get it to a shop with enough time to make sure the fix can be done.

I made this mistake once years ago and never again.


No new equipment in races…er, charity events…

I wouldn’t change them, sounds like they’re still good. If you’ve noticed more and more small punctures or cuts, yes, change them, but you should’ve done so last week.

Especially with tubeless tyres, I find they sometimes need a few days/rides to fully seal, so I wouldn’t put new ones on directly before a long event.

And, talking about serious tyre cuts - that’s just as likely on new tyres.

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SO much this. I wanted to try a wheelset which had been sitting for a while in a race the following day. Took the tire off to clean the rim and when I went to remount, between taking it off and putting it back on, the wheel would not hold air. Ended up having to replace the rim tape and put a new valve stem in.

Had that been my main wheelset (or only wheelset) I would have not been able to race at all. Lesson learned - if you’re gonna mess with equipment, plan it ahead of time, or have backups.


Thank you all so much!! One less thing to worry about!

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Yep, I don’t make any changes that close to an event. I don’t use road tubeless, but I do on my MTB’s and I have had issues half the time I change my tires it seems like, and I have DNF’ed a race from swapping tires just before a race.

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no new anything…

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