Bibshorts Quality/Price Range

If you have an Amex card I often get a spend $150 get $50 off with mine at Assos. Usually I wait for those then buy pairs

I have two pairs of the DHB Aeron.

Fine for 60 minutes but not ideal for anything much longer in my opinion. Sure I could do 200km in them but I’d really rather not. Everyone’s preference is different though of course. If they work for you you’re lucky.


Assos outlet has been great. I first learned about it when Assos was shifting to the current gen bibs, a few years ago. I picked up a bunch of the prior gen versions for great prices and love the bibs — they’ve lasted a long time. Those seem to be all sold out. Now I’m waiting for next gen switch from Assos.

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I have to agree with respect to Castelli - have a pair of Velocissmo shorts that arent especially old and the fabric around the back side has started to perish (and become seethrough), they have been retired to the “turbo-only” drawer.

Actually in general I have to say that in general some of the cheaper shorts I have owned have lasted the longest, sure they are not the most comfortable or refined, maybe they are overbuilt… I have a £30 pair of Decathlon shorts going strong after a million washes, but 1st prize goes to some SAB shorts (do they even exist anymore), think they were £18 and lasted years and years and kept their shape, didnt go seethrough, again not the most refined but fine for a 1-2 hour ride. Comically though I put them on and was in the middle of explaining to my wife how amazingly long they had lasted and as I said it they split right down the middle at the front, was I glad I hadnt left the house at that point!

I have found that the saddle and the saddle clamp can play a huge part in the longevity of bib shorts.

The saddle clamp on my Propel (original clamp) protrudes ever so slightly. This caused my inside leg to gently brush against the metal clamp. I didn’t notice this until it became apparent that several of my bib shorts had developed holes. Yes, I could change my saddle or tweak the position but I’m happy with both. I’ve subsequently wrapped the clamp in black electrical tape. Proper ‘bodge’ but it has prevented more holes forming.

Just be aware that damage can be caused by the strangest of things.

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That just happened on my 2 year old assos bibs and wore a hole into the leg.

I think I might need to step up the starvation diet as a result

100%…the other culprit that comes into play is Velcro on your saddle bag around the seatpost, especially if there is any exposed “hook” material. That’ll chew through any short in quick order.


Might be nothing, but…Who do you buy from?

Definitely. I bought around spent a bit more cash than usual with a single vendor, buying direct. Liked it. Committed to them and buy all my bike clothing there now.

There is also the wearing/washing approach to consider. Some people think wearing one pair all week is good, but not for me. Bought 3x bib shorts for indoor training primarily. Through summer wear one per workout then wash the lot weekly.

Stuff that doesn’t hold up are custom team kits direct from Castelli

Great example. I bought a pair of black bibs and couldn’t even do a ride in them they hurt so much.

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Yeah I suggest like one set of shorts if you’re a beginner and train say, no more than 3x per week, after that if you go further, maybe 1 extra set per each day of cycling could be nice and practical and possible to shuffle them in daily use. Get 1-2 non-bib shorts for indoors and as a underpants for winter long bibs without shammy, then you can get quality long ones that you can use for winter rides, running or xc skiing. And 1-2 bit thicker shorts for cold/icy spring/autumn rides. Maybe 1-2 hot weather bib shorts too.

Takes some cash I know, but what we also know: Cycling is as addictive as cocaine, but twice as expensive. :heart_eyes_cat:

More shorts, last longer, because more shorts is less grinding per shorts per week. And when not that hurry to get them clean and dry for the next day, it’s possible to do lower spinning for laundry. And this is what makes big difference imho. Continous high spinning kills shorts earlier. It shows the stitching and fabric quality, but overall I nowadays try to give a bit more :heart: to my shorts when I throw them into the washing machine and opt medium to low spin for them.

Castelli and Sportful are good choises (well they’re actually about the same company after all). Everything for wide price range and body type.

Also Wiggle inhouse brand DHB some very good shorts, but when Brits jumped out of EU it was Ciao Wiggle for me, that was pity tbo.

Gobik young brand, but also very nice design and overall quality.

Anyone try gobik?

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I use Specialized RBX comps and one pair of Pactimo. The pactimo bibs are definitely my favorite, but I havent had any issues with the specialized.

Never see them recommended but on sale for $70 or so I think they’re worth a shot.

+1 on Pactimo. I bought a couple pairs of the basic ones for indoor riding. I also have a pair of their Summit Strike which are very comfortable. Definitely shop the sales. I will add more over time.

another vote for Pactimo. Summit Raptors are supremely comfortable. watch sales and you can usually get for ~$120

Yup, been there done that. Shredded a pair in one ride after putting a new saddle bag on last summer with a different velcro alignment than my old one. :man_facepalming:


Same. I really wanted to like them, but the very first ride I knew they would never work for me.

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I do feel like I’m an anomaly regarding bibs. I’ve never had issues with any bibs. I prefer Voler as their padding is not as big as the black bibs or neopro but still comfortable. I still have some performancebike shorts that I use indoors that give me zero problems

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For me, the brands I know and trust are La Passione, Sportful and DHB. I do have a couple of pairs of Le Col which were purchased with Strava discount but I’m on the fence with them.

Assos are my biggest no-no. I can see why people rave about them. The quality is definitely there. They just don’t fit my body or my on-bike position. Managed an hour ride in the pair I purchased and felt like I’d undergone a surgical procedure.

Starting to see a lot of people wearing Universal Colour and PAS Normal around my way. Both are a bit too rich for my blood though.