Best Use of Broken Carbon Rim?

Hey there! I recently cracked a mtb carbon wheel, rendering it unusable for biking purposes. Luckily it is under warranty and being replaced. The OEM was gracious enough to let me keep the failed rim. I would like to do something cool with it, like some kind of DIY craft. As an example of what I mean, I did a giant clock once from using an bike rim. I’m looking for suggestions on any ideas to use. It is a mtb 29er. OEM shall remain nameless! Thought I’d throw it to the forum and see if anyone had something that really got me excited.


Google is your friend. There are many ways to go with it, so do some review of searches like that one and you will likely find inspiration.

Base for a glass top table?

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Turn it into a Lazy Susan for your dining table. Chinese food never tasted so good!


i like this one. conversation starter for sure