Best Trainer for TR. Watt Bike or Wahoo Snap (Have been offered both] and Training Plan Advice

Hi Looking to start structured training after 12 months away from Exercise
I have been offered Watt Bike Generation 1 and Wahoo Snap to use
Please share experiences

Will be starting from Zero fitnessbut can allocate up to 9 hrs per week and will be looking at combining with the improving British Weather
Again advice for a novice who has not used this training approach before

Previous levels were 40k TT in 60 mins 25mph
Sportive rides of 100m plus

I am 220 lbs and 53 yrs old

Thanks ian

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Start with Sweet Spot Base, Low Volume 1. Use those 3 workouts per week as a guide. You can consider either adding outside rides, or replacing the inside rides. That choice comes down to the demands of the outside rides and how they will impact your inside training.

Try to take a conservative approach and do a bit less than you think you can handle vs doing too much. It is easier and safer to add work as you feel good vs adjust down after blowing up to some extent from too much work.

Once you finish SSB, LV1 you should move on to Sweet Spot Base, Low Volume 2.


I don’t know much about the Watt Bike but if you intend to ride outdoors then my feeling is that training on your own bike on the Wahoo Snap is a better path forward than the Watt Bike…but that’s just me. As for the training plan, Chad already covered that.


I’ve got a Wattbike and honestly I wouldn’t say it’s the ‘best’ for TrainerRoad but it’s better than my experience on other trainers in other respects.

I bought it because I wanted something really sturdy which I could have set up and ready to go at the drop of a hat and with a decent road feel, which the Wattbike does really well.

The downside is that the Wattbike monitor is very limiting - it’s a poor display with no third party apps available and zero smart connectivity. It does BlueTooth and I use it to drive TR on an iPad, but a quirk of Wattbike with TR is that you don’t get speed/distance data so I also run a Garmin head unit in parallel (for the vanity data!). Equally, the Wattbike is manually adjusted resistance so it’s less integrated than a smart trainer.

For me, the balance is in favour of the WB, but that’s for other reasons than TrainerRoad.


I train on a tacx flux and I’m not really sure what improvement a watt bike would bring to the workout. I would go with the Wahoo Snap. (Order! Order! Order fast, Brexit is coming. :smile:)

Plan: I go with @mcneese.chad. Start with Low Volume and the SSB so you can get a feeling for these kinds of stress. Over all it looks like you’re a steady state guy. So I would go on with a sustained power build and in speciality phase I would choose the plan for your goals (A Race/A event/A ride).

Cheers mate.

So to clarify, with the WB, I could pair my Iphone for a TR workout and at least get watts and cadence? Will probably do 1-2 workouts on one just prior to IM Switzerland this summer. Thanks

Yes, you’ll get exactly that. The very earliest WBs were ANT+ only, but most are BlueTooth. Worth checking beforehand to make sure you won’t need an ANT+ dongle.

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If you go for the Wattbike, go for the one with Monitor B, so it connects with bluetooth etc, monitor A doesn’t from what I understand. I use a wattbike trainer, and I absolutely love it. I love the fact that I am always in control of the resistance, and you can do the smallest of tweaks. Benefits of WB is that you can adjust it in seconds, and so that also means my buddies can come over from time to time to do ramp test parties haha!
The reason I went for WB is that it’s robust, don’t need plugging in, ever and its super sturdy. You don’t need to tweak with it or anything. Just does the job.

@AustinPT You can most definitely your iphone to get Watts and cadence.


Kickr Snap is the best entry level smart trainer.

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