Best Tires for Tru Grit Gravel

What up TR community! Tru Grit gravel is coming up soon in Santa Clara, UT. Tons of registrations!!! Wondeirng if anyone on the forum has recommendations on tire selection/width for the course. I’ve heard the course is quite rough in sections, so I’ve even considered riding my canyon lux xc; however, I think gravel will be the faster selection if I can select the right tires. I’m currently on 700/40, but heard going to a 42 could be worth it. Any suggestions from the gravel experts or folks familiar with the course would be greatly appreciated!!

I"d recommend the fatter the better. Roads around here are pretty washboarded out and loose with lack of rain. It has been raining a bit lately so that may improve a little. The final motoqua road is really crappy.