Best Racing Gravel Bike 2024

Id just like to throw it out there that I had a Ridley Kanzo Fast and it was very unfortunate with the amount of issues I had with it. The frame was warrantied once, the seat post was warrantied once and the seat post was designed to thick for the Ritchey clamp design and it prohibited the usage of specialized carbon rails. I outline it in a thread you can read HERE

They may have fixed it, but im not sure. I also had a lot of issues with the headset and headset spacers

Ultimately after another issue around with the headset spacers cracking from the steer tube being cut too short (this was cut and sent to me from the vendor) I was offered a full refund on the bike. I took it and bought an Aspero.

That being said, the KF was or did feel like a very fast bike. I had it optimized for road riding many times and was able to keep up with the A squads without any issue or the bike causing me to have problem. It felt like a rocket on the gravel flat sections, although it was a tad sluggish climbing. The Aspero felt like a much stiffer bike than the KF and just as fast everywhere but excluding the plumb flat gravel roads.

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