Best gear to make you.....slower?

Good article on CT…

Even better, ditch the somehow aero, lightweight mesh, see-through jersey and grab a t-shirt, pull on a pair of cargo bibs or a bar bag (more on this later)

This is a goal for me in the next couple of weeks…well, maybe not the bar bag (although I do have one from The Rift). Just got a pair of cargo shorts form Rapha (just the Core bibs), so I’m gonna give it a whirl.

because at the moment the bar bag or frame bag is the universal symbol for “I don’t care about aero”.

Again, I have a bar bag from The Rift, but this is a tough one for me…maybe after I try the t-shirt cargo shorts combo I can get here, but I don’t think so. :laughing:


Wait a minute… is this article about comfort and enjoying the ride?
Is cycling supposed to be some kind of hobby?


Prolific use of the ‘F’ word is offensive…



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OMG, total heresy! Who do I hang!?

Ditch the head unit

Estimated watts lost: all of them
Estimated funs gained: 35 funs
+ bonus scenery views gains

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I honestly sometimes forget that cycling is supposed to be fun. I worry about nutrition, and losing weight and not missing workouts etc. Then every once in a while I skip the bike computer and take a 10 mile hilly, scenic ride to a donut shop and it all comes back to me!!


So I am using this concept to help justify me using a HB bag…I’ll just put the computer in the bag and then I won’t / can’t look at it.

But even then it is really hard for me to get my head to accept using a HB bag. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Me too! On my commuter/grocery bike, I don’t like the HB. I prefer a rear rack. I guess I’m just not in with the rando people, with low trail twitchy bikes and front loads.

That said, I still have a garmin mount on that bike too. I would get lost without someone telling me where I need to turn. :frowning: It’s very rare that I memorize routes unless it’s to the grocery store, or to work and back.

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This is why I love riding my MTB. No power / speed or HR targets, just maximum fun. I really look foreward to those rides every single time.

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After my last major race of the season this weekend, I am “resetting” with plans to ride my observed trials bike and BMX bike in particular. No power or any other nonsense on those, and they are all about FUN riding and just playing on a bike. Can’t wait to mess around with no objective again. :smiley:


Fun is going fast…why else would I shave my legs?


Hahah this is funny. I like to track weekly time and garmin makes it so easy. I have been riding more group rides though which are quick, fast and fun. Only look at the stats after. Best of both worlds.

I shave my legs to offset the donut weight added on those rides.


I wouldn’t be caught dead in cargo bibs. Also why cargo bibs if you’ve a handlebar bag?

Meh…cargo bibs are a pretty subtle way to carry more gear if you want. Most people don’t even realize they are cargo bibs unless you are carrying stuff in the pockets.

I actually have a pair of DeSoto tri shorts from a few years ago that used the cargo concept long before gravel cargo shorts came out. Great for holding a few extra gels, etc.

I look at it the other way…why a HB bag if you have cargo bibs? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

True but I just got a Rapha brevet jersey and SO MANY POCKETS! I love pockets!

They missed most of the items that I would include:

  • Ride somewhere new. Whether it’s finding little random trails or alleys around town or venturing into rural areas, there’s something new to check out. Gravel, CX and MTB are better suited for this typically, but wide, robust tires may make do on your road bike.
  • Social rides
  • Mountain biking is so, so fun when you just try to ride smooth, not fast. Learning new skills and just being in nature are great.

I still have a PM on my “fun” bike. I still collect the data, even occasionally do workouts on it. But it is 99% for fun. Big sends are fun. Also, the Garmin records how much air I got…that’s kinda fun too.

Also, taking the motorcycle to the track. That’s a different level of fun.

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53x11 up any hill is probably the best gear to make me slower! :rofl: