Best Bike Split with Wahoo

I was thinking about trying out BBS for a 110 mile gravel event I am doing at the end of the month. My hope would be that following their plan, based on my power might give me something to keep me in line vs going way over or under power targets on such a long ride (for me anyway.) A few related questions:

*First and foremost, does BBS work well in terms of suggesting appropriate power targets at a specific time during the ride when used with a RWGPS or Strava type route?

*I think I am less concerned about the CdA and related MPH, as the road conditions will effect that significantly, but would the power still make sense?

  • Can you load both a route AND the BBS plan into a Wahoo simultaneously?

Thanks for your insight!

Yes - just upload the GPX to BBS as a course, then create a race using this course. Not tried it with such a long race, however, but should be ok.

It will certainly help with gradients/wind (just make sure to update close to the race to ensure up to date weather conditions).

When loading a BBS race plan, this is the route and shows on the map just like any other.


Thank you!

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