Beginning elliptical trainer and heart rate

Hi All ,

I just got an elliptical trainer 4 weeks ago. At first I could only do 85 watts for about 34 min. Then I bumped that up to 100 watts a session. This last week though I found this too easy so I increased it after 100 watts 7 min warmup to 155 watts the rest of the session. This 155 watts lasts for 10 min until I make it to min 17 and then my Heart rate is about 150-153 max. This wasn’t enough of a challenge so I increased it to 210 watts for 3 min until min 20 of the session. Then the heart rate increase to a max of 165. Is this safe ? I’m 44 years old and 92 kg. I havn’t done cardio in 20 years. Then at min 20 I decrease it back to 155 watts for the rest of the session which lasted to min 28. My heart rate went down to about 159 for that end of the session. When I did that short 210 watts period I had to push down with all my weight on each side and it felt like sprinting because the pedals were so heavy. My avg speed is 10.9 km/h. Rpm 69

How do you feel its unsafe? If you are going of HR its a very individual metric, for me as a 48yo, 165bpm is around 84% Max HR, but for other people it’ll be less and for other folk it’ll be close to their max. RPE is usually a better guide.

Hi, I’ve been training now since February on the elliptical trainer and now here are my current stats. I do 1000 kj at 13 km an hour for about 17 min at 165 watts to warmup and total distance is 3.5 and I breath easily without much effort and Heart rate went up to 147 max during this time.Then for the next 2000 kj or 7 km which lasts for 32 min I pedal at 13 km an hour I increase it 190 watts and then I noticed deeper breathing but not completely out of breath and heart elevates to 152 to 155 BPM and then at the end 165 max. I weigh 87 kg , am 175 cm tall and the computer says I need to pedal at 209 watts to be considered a Cat 5 racer. How fit am I compared to the general population? How fit compared to cyclists? How long will it take to do 210 watts all the time so I can compete with cyclists?