Bacon! (Not the tasty kind)

Anyone have experience with the bacon strip thingies to plug tubeless tires? Specifically ROAD tires. I’ve used them once…and it didnt really work. Plugged hole…but the thing just sort of started squirting out after a while. Are these not meant for road pressures?

If specifics matter…28mm GP5000 TL at 70-80 psi

This thread is for me! Oh wait, nevermind. I don’t know anything about those…


I’ve had mixed luck with them and switched over to dynaplugs.

I’ve only gotten a bacon strip to stay in as a permanent fix in gravel and mountain bike tires.

I’ve been riding GP5000TLs on my road bike for 2 years have yet to get a flat or deal with it out on the road (knock on carbon).

But, I’ve helped other friends repair punctures and have been through a cascade of comedic failures with bacon strips on the side of the road since I carry them in case of emergency.

What I’ve found is:

You have to trim off the excess on road tires. If there is some sticking out and it’s hitting the brake bridge or something, it will get pulled out as you ride down the road. People carry a nail clipper or razor blade or something to trim it flush.

You can’t inflate the tire to 80psi right after you put in a bacon strip. I’d go with the lowest possible pressure you can get away with to get you home. 50psi? 60, might be pushing it?

I had a friend pop them right out with compressed air.

After going through this dance with friends, I started carrying some Stan’s Darts just in case. I have Darts, bacon strips, and a tube just in case.