Austin Rattler MTB 2022

Anyone else doing the Rattler this year (nov 5th)? It’s a local race for me and we have a big crew signed up.

I was able to get out to the ranch to pre-ride a lap today, they already have the course well marked. It’s a cool venue and a well run event (and a Leadville qualifier as well), so definitely worth a look if you are itching for a late season race.

:wave: I’m coming down from Utah for it. How was the course?

It’s a tough course. No extended climbing, but constant punchy climbs and no place you can get in a rhythm and pedal. It’s pretty loose (slow) and sandy right now, but hopefully we’ll see some rain leading into the race.

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In. It is my A race.


For those that have done it how is the feed zone if you are unsupported. My wife and I are both racing it and I’m struggle to plan my nutrition. My last long race I just carried baggies with mix to add water to and carried all my gels from the start

I’m doing the 20 mile. It’s pretty much local for me as well. My first ever mountain bike race.


I’m considering it. I have a hotel reserved in Lampasas just in case. I started it in 2020 but DNF due to a mechanical issue but cramps would have gotten me anyway if the mechanical didn’t. It was unusually warm for Nov that year and I did not hydrate well. Based on grwoolf’s message above sounds like the course is much like 2020 which was tough.

They used to have 2 feed zones on course, but I believe they switched it to a single feed at the start/finish area. So, you hit that feed zone at 20 and 40 miles as you complete each lap. It’s well staffed and stocked from what I saw. It’s a pretty easy race to self support if you want your own stuff, just leave a cooler near the start area. I swap a new hydration pack for each lap with the help of my wife, but it wouldn’t cost much time to mess with it myself.

There aren’t too many good spots to eat and drink on the course, so I really like running a pack rather than bottles.

I was surprised how much they changed the course since 2020. It’s over a half mile shorter per lap, but it’s still a bunch of punchy climbing and not many places to get rolling.

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